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Mrs. Judith Fuller ~ Strings

This is my 8th year teaching Strings at Ponca Elementary.

 I am married and have one son.  When I am not teaching I enjoy playing music, reading, attending concerts, and going to Husker baseball games.

 It is a pleasure to work with Ponca Strings students as they learn to play their instruments!  I enjoy helping the students progress from not knowing how to hold their instruments to playing beautiful music.  By the time students reach 6th grade they sound terrific!

 Please encourage your musicians to play at home. Beginning students should practice for 10-15 minutes each day.  As students progress, practice should increase, so that by 6th grade students are practicing 30 minutes per day.  It is more important to practice a little each day, than a long time once a week.

 Your children look forward to playing for you!  They will perform in at least two programs each year.  In December they will play for the Ponca Holiday Program and in April will be part of the North Area Concert at North High School.  We look forward to seeing you at both performances!

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